What a day the opening of Mahdena was. I feel very blessed and grateful to each and every one of you who helped make it the special day it was.

There was a period in the day when the shop was so full that we hardly had any space to move. It was a sight to see! The energy you all brought was wonderful. A big thank you to those of you who couldn’t make it and sent your best wishes.

Also a big heartfelt thank you to
– Family and friends who helped lighten the load by taking care of my children
– Those who brought a lovely plate to share
– Five Little Figs for Michelle’s amazing bliss balls (yum!)
– April from Sueno Hair for doing a great job with my hair
– My wonderful soul sister Allison from Ancient Light Studio who took beautiful photos for us to remember the day with
– And most of all to my family, especially my hubby – without your help and support, this couldn’t have happened

Love and blessings,


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