Kids Aromatherapy Workshops

These workshops are fun and interactive, where children immerse themselves in the world of smells and essential oils.

Kids get to make aromatherapy products which they can take home to use. The type of product they make varies with each workshop.

Group Meditation Evenings

An evening of meditation and relaxation is an ideal way to unwind, to detach from your stress, and to give back to yourself. 

If you find it hard to cope with or manage the overwhelm, anxiety or stress you face with daily life, meditation can be of great benefit to you.

Having a class or group to go to is also beneficial, because it forces you to schedule time for yourself and for your well-being.

A group meditation evening is a great opportunity to be part of a sacred space, in which you can feel like a whole person again.

Aromatherapy workshops

In these hands-on aromatherapy workshop, you will discover, explore and learn how to make some wonderful, restorative and natural products. Each person who attends gets to take home the products they make, and use them to nurture their skin, body and soul.

These workshops are best suited for adults and teenagers.