Bath Bomb Mania

What better way of having fun during school holidays than making some exploding bath bombs!

Kids love making bath bombs as it’s such a hands-on experience.

We blend with pure essential oils, not fragrant synthetic ones and have lots of fun in the process. 

We can make some soothing relaxing blends to help them unwind, or choose happy bright citrus notes to make them feel uplifted. There are many choices!

Best suited for children aged between 6 and 13 years.

Next workshop: Wednesday April 17th 10:30am

Relaxing Spray & Massage Oil

In this workshop, the children make a natural relaxing spray/mist and calming massage oil. The purpose of the workshop is to engage the children with their senses, to create their own natural therapeutic products, which they can take home to use.

The relaxing spray is made with natural essential oils, and is beneficial with helping children with anxiety, to calm nerves and to help them relax before bed. They can use the spray in their bedroom, or when they feel stressed.

A relaxing massage oil has multiple benefits. It can be gently rubbed into the belly to soothe tummy pains, or can be used for massage to help ease tight muscles.

Best suited for children aged between 7 and 13 years.

Relaxing Vibes Roll-on

Does your child get a little anxious, stressed or nervous at times? Is he or she fearful of going to bed, or over-thinks and can’t fall asleep easily? Could they do with a little help with some useful and natural tools?

In this aromatherapy workshop, your child will learn how to make a relaxing and soothing roller oil blend, and explore the aromas and benefits of essential oils.

An aromatherapy roller oil blend is a small bottle with a roller ball tip that they can apply on themselves. It’s infused with organic carrier oils and pure essential oils.

It’s perfect to roll onto their body around their wrists, neck, or anywhere on the body where they feel tension or stress.

The aromas from the roller oil blend will help to make your child feel more calm and at ease. It works a treat, and it’s a golden little tool that can be used before bed. Your child can also take it to school. It’s small enough to fit into their pocket, or to keep in their school desk, to apply when it all gets too much.

This is a great little helper tool to self manage emotions and evoke a more serene state of mind.

Best suited for children aged between 7 and 13 years.