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what’s different about mahdena

Mahdena is an organic boutique store, specialising in beautifully handcrafted skincare products and aromatherapy concoctions since 2003. As an Aromatherapist and lover of all things naturally inspired, aromatherapy is at the heart and soul of all our products. You will

personalised blends

Have you ever wished to have a bespoke perfume made just for you? Or have you found your face skincare isn’t quite right? Always looked for something more? The beauty of having a natural product made just for you is, personal and

kids aromatherapy workshops

Bath Bomb ManiaWhat better way of having fun during school holidays than making some exploding bath bombs! Kids love making bath bombs as it’s such a hands-on experience.We blend with pure essential oils, not fragrant synthetic ones and have lots

group meditations

A group meditation is a great opportunity to be part of a sacred space, in which you can feel centred and relaxed in a calm and peaceful environment. An evening of meditation and relaxation is an ideal way to unwind, to

which face moisturiser is best suited for you

which face moisturiser is best suited for you

Our beautiful face moisturisers cater for all skin types. You will find something for you in our moisturiser range, specifically formulated for your skin type, whether your skin is sensitive, dry,  oily, or somewhere in between. We have you covered....

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product tips and ideas

product tips and ideas

Want to know more about how to make the most of your organic skincare and aromatherapy products? Read more for some great ideas, like how to make your own simple nourishing and gentle rose face and body oil....

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our best selling face products

Some of the reasons our customers tell us why they use these products is that they are personalised, feel luxurious, smell amazing, and that they are organic and natural.

popular picks

Customers enjoy the sensory and tactile experience from using our products because it makes them feel a certain way. It’s the textures and the aromas that makes them feel amazing. The products are natural and good for you, and they have the ability to transform your mood.