Kids birthday parties at Mahdena are a unique sensory delight, where children absorb themselves with wonderful natural aromatic smells & organic ingredients, mixing with rose petals, sparkles, and beautiful oils to delight their senses.

It’s a fun, sensory and tactile experience where they learn to create their very own special lotions and potions using pure essential oils and safe natural ingredients, which they take home and enjoy.

What products do the children make?

In your party package, you can choose two products from the following:

  • check
    bath bombs
  • check
    bubble baths
  • check
    aromatherapy bath soaks
  • check
    shimmer body creams
  • check
    perfume/body sprays
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    aromatherapy roll-ons

An aromatherapy birthday party is a great way of giving your child a different and unique experience for their next birthday party. 

It's also ideal if you don't want to deal with the mess of having a birthday party at home.

The party is led by a qualified aromatherapist, where safe oils and dosages are chosen and used, appropriate for their age.

We do not use synthetic or artificial ingredients.

It is truly a pleasure seeing the wonder and enthusiasm the children get from creating their own products. It's a very rewarding experience for them.

The party package

Each child makes 2 products which they take home to use.

Duration: 1.5 hours

Cost: $294 for up to 6 children, and $40 per additional child

Party numbers

The maximum number of children per party we can accommodate is 16.

Parties are best suited for children aged 7 years and older.

Party times

Saturdays 10:30am or 1:30pm

Wednesday – Saturday during school holidays, where there are no school holiday workshops scheduled.

The retail side of the store is open during the party, so customers may be about in the shop which makes no impact on the children, who are busily immersing themselves in making their products and having fun.

Parents can drop off their children and go enjoy some quality time. There are some cafes nearby where you can go grab a coffee and unwind.

Beautiful Birthday Memories

If you would like your child to have their birthday cake with their friends after all their products are made, you are welcome to do so. We allow time for singing, eating the cake, enjoying and sharing this time together.

All you need to bring is your child’s birthday cake & candles. No need to worry about cleaning up. We also offer spring water for drinking.

We usually take photos of the childrens’ birthday parties to use on social media as a way to promote our parties and what we do. The photos are taken respectfully and tastefully to capture the experiences of the children while they are making their products. Please let us know if you or any other parents are not comfortable with this taking place.

Check dates on our party calendar to make an online booking.