Therapeutic Energy Balancing

Therapeutic Energy Balancing creates a high vibrational sacred space that helps to shift energies relating to negative patterns and emotions, so you can experience a greater sense of well-being.

This energy work is a very gentle hands-on therapy that helps to refresh, align, clear and balance the energy pathways and systems in your body, including your aura, chakras and meridians.

It is applied over clothing as a combination of rhythmic rocking, gentle pressure and focused energy work.

The effects of Therapeutic Energy Balancing are very soothing, and help you drift into a deeply relaxed state. This helps you go within and make contact with a deeper part of yourself.

Providing energy clearing and energy balancing consultations to harmonise energy flow.

Uses Energy Balancing techniques to bring about a state of relaxation and calmness - harmonising the Heart-Body-Mind connection.

Health benefits range from reducing muscle tension, anxiety, inflammation, blood pressure, cortisol and adrenaline levels.

A session also provides relaxation to the nervous system, enhances the immune system, soothes the intestines, helps balance the emotions and improves the ability to concentrate.