Harmonsing the Heart-Mind-Body allows you to be in a state of clarity, serenity and aligned with the true essence of who you are.

Energy Balancing - 30 minutes

Uses Energy Balancing techniques to bring about a state of relaxation and calmness - harmonising the Heart-Body-Mind connection.

Health benefits range from reducing muscle tension, anxiety, inflammation, blood pressure, cortisol and adrenaline levels.

A session also provides relaxation to the nervous system, enhances the immune system, soothes the intestines, helps balance the emotions and improves the ability to concentrate.

Energy Clearing & Balancing Consultations - 60 minutes

Providing an opportunity for YOU to recognise YOU have the Key To Your Heart Centre In Your Hand.

Working together not from a subjective viewpoint but with guidance :

  • to identify, access and eliminates core issues (patterns) from your body’s energy systems
    enabling a flow of love and honouring of self on all levels.
  • to allow integration of energy and consciousness …. harmonising the Heart-Mind-Body connection.
  • to recognize you are a Spiritual Being - able to be in a state of being.
  • to feel more comfortable stilling yourself,  searching internally through meditation.
  • to have the option to confidently move forward listening to YOUR Inner Being’s Guidance.

Session pricing

Energy Balancing sessions (30 minutes) for de-stress & relaxation : $45

Energy Clearing/Balancing sessions (60 minutes) to achieve equilibrium and clarity : $90

Will you benefit from Heart-Mind-Body Harmony?

Yes - if you wish to alleviate emotional stress and trauma, have a new awareness, be self-directed in implementing life-style changes.

Yes - if you wish to have a better understanding of what makes you tick and learn how to recognise and transcend internal and external influences.

Yes - if you wish to experience and learn the benefits of relaxation/relief from everyday stress and anxiety.

Yes - if you wish to experience and benefit physically, mentally and emotionally from gentle non-invasive core energy balancing.

Maintenance Programme

You do not need to be unwell or be totally stressed to benefit from sessions offered. Energy balancing techniques have the ability to establish and to maintain balance regularly throughout your entire body systems, giving you the pathway to maintain optimal health and wellness.

About your practitioner

Maggi provides a safe, caring, and a nurturing environment to facilitate your wish for harmony in your heart, mind and body.

Maggi has trained in a variety of complimentary therapeutic techniques which align with her philosophy and enhance her innate gift of intuitive insights.

Following 15 years in clinical practice as a Smart Bowen Remedial Therapist & Trainer, and Intuitive Counsellor Maggi feels guided to change format to specialise in energy work and sharing knowledge.

Her focus is nurturing harmony for herself and sharing with others so they may ignite their own passions to maintain their own Heart-Mind-Body Harmony.

Maggi can be contacted directly on 0422 994 725.