Therapeutic Energy Balancing creates a high vibrational sacred space that helps to shift energies relating to negative patterns and emotions, so you can experience a greater sense of well-being.

What is therapeutic energy balancing?

Therapeutic Energy Balancing is a very gentle hands-on therapy that helps to refresh, align, clear and balance the energy pathways and systems in your body, including your aura, chakras and meridians.

It is applied over clothing as a combination of rhythmic rocking, gentle pressure and focused energy work.

The effects of Therapeutic Energy Balancing are very soothing, and help you drift into a deeply relaxed state. This helps you go within and make contact with a deeper part of yourself.

Working on an energetic level, Therapeutic Energy Balancing helps to align you with a higher vibration, which can assist to promote a healing and transformational process within you on an emotional and spiritual level.

What are the possible effects of receiving a session?

Sessions are different for everyone, but generally, during a session you feel extremely relaxed, and experience a sense of deep quiet.

The deeply healing and relaxing nature of this energy work can help you connect and feel more in tune with the emotional and spiritual aspects of yourself.

Being relaxed and receptive to the healing qualities of the energy work promotes an alignment of your energies with a higher vibrational state. The effects of this can be helpful in gaining clarity about yourself, as well as issues or patterns you are dealing with.

Sometimes, receiving a treatment starts a process inside you, which may or may not be noticed during the session, and which continues after the session, to bring you a different awareness of yourself or things in your life, or to help you to experience your emotions in a more manageable way. Such a process can have a transformational impact on you, and help you shift the negative patterns in your life.

Why would you come for a session?

To feel an improved sense of well-being.

To assist with managing emotions.

To form part of a regular well-being maintenance regime.

To assist with transforming negative patterns in your life.

To feel more centred and grounded.

To help reduce tension and feel calmer.

To help manage feelings of anxiety or overwhelm.

To help promote emotional and spiritual wellness.

To experience deep and soothing relaxation.

For regular maintenance to help you feel an improved sense of well-being.

Session pricing

35 minute energy session : $49

60 minute energy session : $89

A 35 minute session is generally good for a regular maintenance energy tune-up, to help keep your energies refreshed, cleansed and aligned. It makes an excellent addition to your program for maintaining health and well-being.

A 60 minute session allows more time for a more in depth energy clearing and balancing. It allows space for a deeper experience, and for intuitive insights that promote emotional and spiritual healing.

About your practitioner

Since 2002, Claudio has been involved with healing therapies that offer profound benefits, and which facilitate a shift toward greater well-being.

He is a qualified energy therapies practitioner, having a background in shiatsu, acupressure, reiki, polarity therapy and reflexology.

Claudio has a strong passion for healing therapies, and feels deeply rewarded from seeing the effects of his work on his clients, as they emerge from a session, having accessed a deep state of peace, as well as having touched a profound space within themselves.

Claudio’s focus is to help his clients access a very special inner space, from which they can harmonise and connect with their own inner healing.