With so much out in the market place with skincare, you may ask why you would choose from my product range?

The point of difference I offer is that all my products are lovingly handmade, using organic and natural ingredients, which are personalised and suited to your individual needs. There is a high level of attention and detail that goes into making a personalised aromatherapy or skincare product. The result is a beautiful natural product which is made with your needs in mind, not just a product off the shelf. This is a unique and personal service which I have provided since 2003. I am grateful to have a large base of loyal customers which has grown over 14 years, who appreciate the personal service and the individual care that goes into making their products.

The passion that I have for skincare grew from a humble interest in aromatherapy and essential oils, in what they were, and how they worked. A friend introduced me to essential oils and showed me a few things that she did with them, and I was fascinated. Something stirred within me, and I wanted to find out more about what these oils could do for me. I was opened up to a whole new world and I was very excited. From there I explored and went on to study my Diploma of Aromatherapy with much enthusiasm and excitement that a young student has. It changed my life for the better.

What I found fascinating were the multitude of possibilities and ways that essential oils could provide healing for the body, and it didn’t end there. I learnt how I could incorporate it into my daily life, into the home, and then in my later years, with my family and children.

My journey led me to opening a specialty aromatherapy and skincare store offering natural lifestyle products. It was a beautiful smelling oasis, whose alluring heavenly smells enticed many people to come in and explore. This is where the magic happened of creating personalised aromatherapy blends and perfumes, as well as personalised skincare which was specifically formulated to address skin allergies, sensitivities, and individual needs.

What my customers loved about their experience was coming in, having a consultation, and leaving with a pot of cream that was made just for them. It was a fusion of creativity, and a melting pot of ideas which sparked and grew over time. I learnt just as much from the people visiting my store as what they learnt from me. This all generated a loyal following of great customers, because it was all a very personal experience, which engendered trust.

I continued the journey to work from home so I could care for my two beautiful girls while still pursuing my passion and love for aromatherapy. Because a natural and holistic lifestyle is so integral to my heart and my home, I went on to study health coaching. This was a natural evolution for me as it adds a depth and value to people’s lives, and blended beautifully with what I was already doing.

As life is a natural progression of change, so did my needs. My girls were at school and I found myself working from home but not feeling fulfilled. Working from home was insular. It served its purpose for a time, but I yearned to connect with people and customers again – face to face, not by email, not by computer.

I missed that personal connection while working from home, so I decided it was time to open a store again. After months of preparation, the emergence of Mahdena’s 2nd store took place in October 2016.

The joy that my work brings to me is a on a multitude of levels. I appreciate having customers who love what I do, as well as seeing their transformations, which is truly a blessing. I love getting to know my customers – they are not just a face.

The power of what we can do for one another is profound.

Yours in abundant health.