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Custom Blends

With so much skin care on the market, and being constantly presented with a latest whizzbang ingredient or product, do you find it hard to navigate through all this?

Have you ever asked :

  • How do I find a moisturiser I am truly happy with?
  • How do I find a face skin care product that is truly suited to my skin?
  • What’s really natural?
  • Am I getting equitable value from the product(s) I use, compared with what I am paying?
  • What’s the right cream to use for my skin type?

This is where having a custom made product with a custom blending consult from a qualified aromatherapist, can free you from these challenges, and help you feel supported with your face skin care regime.

Having a qualified aromatherapist create your very own custom face skincare product caters for exactly what you need.

Having a custom blending consult is a process from which you get to have organic plant based skincare tailor made for your skin, specifically if you suffer from allergies or sensitivities.

Who Is Custom Blending For?

A custom blend consult and product making may be something suited for you if:

  • You have suffered from allergies, sensitivities, or rosacea.
  • You have never found a moisturiser that you have been truly happy with.
  • You don’t like the smell of the moisturisers, cleansers, or face skincare which you have been using.
  • You have a condition or conditions where you cannot tolerate certain ingredients which are found in the creams you have been using.

I also have many clients who get their face skincare products custom made, because they much prefer the blend and smell of their custom made products over that of the off-the-shelf ones they use. This of course is for personal reasons.

This is a very unique and personalised service.

It is more than just buying a cream.

I guide you through what you can do for yourself to help your skin look and feel great.

Your custom products have nothing synthetic, no fragrances or preservatives. Just pure natural and organic ingredients that your skin will enjoy and love.

Meet Your Aromatherapist

I’m Dina Pasquini, and I am a qualified Aromatherapist with over 20 years experience.

Working personally with client’s skin care over this time has provided me with a deeper awareness and understanding of how to address concerns and delve deeper into what can benefit you.

My specialty is creating personalised face products, specifically face moisturisers.

The essence and difference of what a personalised blend gives you is something which cannot be bought on the shelf.

It’s called Alchemy, a process of taking something ordinary and turning it into something extraordinary, sometimes in a way that can’t be explained.

This is why I have many clients for over 20 years who choose a personalised blend over one that is sold over the shelf.

People's Results From Custom Blending With Dina

Dina is so incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about skin care. Not only are the products organic but they actually work!! 
I am super fussy about my skin care regime and my skin has never looked better since swapping to Mahdena products. 
She custom blends products for me or recommends trying certain things even if I’m unsure, and she’s always been spot on with her recommendations! 
Won’t ever be going back to the well known/inferior/more expensive cosmetic brands!


About 6 or 7 years ago a friend introduced me to Mahdena products, and it was like winning a face-care lottery. I have a very sensitive skin and many products I tried before were either too harsh or too greasy, or would be too light and leave my skin dry.

Mahdena's moisturiser is great for my skin and leaves it well moisturised for the whole day. Other products are amazing too, I love that they are natural and they are very soothing. They also last a long time. I love the gentle, natural fragrances Dina uses in my face products.

I am now in my 50s and hardly any wrinkles. I love her products, they are perfect for my skin.

Highly recommend you try her products. You will love them!


I couldn't ask for anything better for my skin than these creams.

Love them!


I started using the day & night moisturiser about 1 week ago. Apart from smelling amazing, I have already started to notice a difference, my skin is a lot more even toned & brighter.


What's The Essence of a Custom Blending Consult?

Custom blending is all about tailoring your skin care regime for what you need.

A consult helps me to understand your skin, the textures you like, the smells you do or do not like, and any quirks your skin may have.

No extra frills or unnecessary gimmicks or upsells.

I like to keep it simple and uncomplicated for you.

It’s a very honest and holistic approach.

I care about you and your skin. I like to make you happy and fulfilled with what we create as this is what makes me feel good.

Having a consult is like having an aromatherapist hold your hand and support you through the process of addressing your needs, and the relationship does not end once your custom skincare is made for you. It’s like having your regular natural therapist or GP you see who knows you and your history. It’s an ongoing process. I follow up and we touch base in the future.


What are some of the things we may cover during a consult?

During a consult, I will ask you some questions to help me understand you and your current face care practice. Some things we cover include:

  • How are you using your skin care?
  • Are you cleansing?
  • Are you using the right cleanser? (Most women I came across are not using the right type of cleanser for their skin)
  • How do you cleanse? (Many women I deal with are not cleansing properly - which can make your skin look and feel dull and congested)
  • I target the consult and product making process to suit your needs:
    • oily skin
    • combination skin, dry in some patches oily in others – we address this in various ways
    • mature, aging skin - what can we do nurture, support & regenerate and how can we prevent premature ageing
  • We also look at coaching for different seasons, and addressing how the skin changes and adapts. We need to change your skincare to accommodate different temperatures and climates.
  • Changes in your skin, and adapting to these changes.

How long and how much is a consult?

A consult usually lasts for 15-20 minutes.

This can be done over the phone or online.

The consult fee is $20 which needs to be paid prior to the consult.

What sort of products can I get custom made?

The most popular products which get custom made include:

  • Moisturisers
  • Cleansers
  • Facial Toners
  • Botanical Face Oils
  • Essential Oil Blends

I’m an aromatherapist, but I am also a creative spirit at heart. I love coming up with and making different creations. With the endless possibilities of aromatherapy, I also get personal with balms, oils, sprays and much more.

How do I reorder my custom products?

You can email me or text me with a request to reorder your custom product. I will contact you to process payment and then proceed with making your custom product(s).

I have your blends on file, so I will create them according to what we came up with during the consult. Sometimes I will contact you if I need to clarify anything with you.

When do I need to book in for another consult?

Generally, if there are any changes to your circumstances, if you are experiencing changes in your skin, or if you want to change the texture or smell of your custom product, then this is a good time to book in for another consult.

Sometimes we may need to fine tune your custom product once you begin using it after your consult. I am happy to make the necessary tweaks so that we get this right. This is done through an arranged time suitable to us both, and is a one-off service I provide after your consult which I do not charge for.

Why would I bother making conscious choices with the skin care I use?

It’s all about the health of your skin and what you put on it.

This really does matter as our skin does not understand or synthesise synthetic ingredients and petrochemicals. This is especially important for people dealing with illnesses like cancer or an auto –immune disease.

Our bodies have a difficult enough time working hard, trying to metabolise all the pollutants in our air, the radiation from our phones and towers, having to cope with the added preservatives, colours & emulsifiers in our food, as well as packaged processed foods.

THE TOPPING ON THE CAKE is the extra burden of your chemical laden skincare, haircare, and make–up.

Being conscious with your choices of skin care is one big step you can take to reduce the toxic load on your body.

Your custom products are made with nothing synthetic, and no artificial fragrances or preservatives. Just pure natural & organic ingredients that your skin will enjoy and love.

This is ideal if you suffer from allergies, sensitivities, or just want to go natural & organic with your face care regime.

Why would I come to see you for a consult, when I can just get my natural skin care over the shelf?

I have a wealth of experience from dealing intimately with people’s skin and their conditions for over 15 years. This provides you with a steady platform of support and guidance that you can’t get from reading a label on the shelf.

The essence and difference of what a personalised blend gives you is something which cannot be bought on the shelf.

It’s called Alchemy, a process of taking something ordinary and turning it into something extraordinary, sometimes in a way that can’t be explained.

This is why I have many clients for over 15 years who choose a personalised blend over one that is sold over the shelf.

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