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Floral water mists, or what we call facial mists, are wonderfully refreshing, calming, soothing and toning to your skin, and are applied with a light mist to your face and body. These gems in your skin care are organic and naturally derived from plants and flowers.

If you need a quick fix, they can be used as a pick me up whenever your energy is starting to feel low. Floral waters are great as an uplifting aromatic boost, and tantalizing to your senses.

Floral water is also great to use for children and babies. To help calm your restless baby, you could add a few tablespoons of chamomile and lavender floral water to their bath. The soothing properties of floral water can be especially beneficial if your baby is suffering from nappy rash or eczema. To help clean grubby faces, spray onto a tissue and use as a wipe.

Floral water is versatile for home use as well. Spray into the air to uplift a room and make it smell beautiful without the use of harmful chemical sprays. Or to freshen up your linen while ironing, use it as a fragrant linen spray.

Floral waters are a beautiful way to calm, cool and hydrate your skin, especially in summer, or when your skin is agitated, red or feeling hot.

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