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Our Best Sellers

Face Moisturisers

Our moisturisers are fortified with antioxidant rich organic plant oils and extracts to leave your skin feeling supple, intensely nourished & soft, to minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Facial Cleansers

Nourishing and nurturing facial cleansers which gently and effectively remove mascara, foundation & impurities, leaving your skin feeling gently cleansed & hydrated.

Revitalising Face Serum

Our best selling revitalising face serum is for those looking for hydrated, bright and radiant skin. Potent, light & silky, this anti-oxidant rich plant based serum is infused with phytonutrients and bearberry extract

Custom Skincare Consults

How to have skincare that's perfect for you without spending a fortune

Have your skincare custom made by a qualified aromatherapist, personalised for your skin type, and to meet your individual needs and aromatic preferences

What people say about their Mahdena experience

Dina is so incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about skin care. Not only are the products organic but they actually work!!

I am super fussy about my skin care regime and my skin has never looked better since swapping to Mahdena products.

She custom blends products for me or recommends trying certain things even if I’m unsure, and she’s always been spot on with her recommendations!

Won’t ever be going back to the well known/inferior/more expensive cosmetic brands!


I have suffered TJD for some years now, clicking and pain in my right jaw joint from clenching my teeth whilst sleeping; a result of a stressful job.

I was drawn to Mahdena’s healing trauma oil whilst in store and decided to try it. Within a week, rubbing it on my jaw morning and night, I had significant relief.

I could open my mouth without pain within two weeks and the clicking and locking of my jaw has now stopped.

I continue to use the oil when I feel a little overwhelmed, as a preventative measure.

I will be forever grateful for the healing properties of this oil!


Dina you should be so proud of what you’ve created! Not only a fabulous birthday party activity but also these wonderful natural products which we are loving.

Thank you so much, my girls have not stopped talking about Mahdena!


Meet your Aromatherapist

Dina Pasquini is a qualified Aromatherapist with over 20 years experience.

Working personally with client’s skin care over this time has provided her with a deeper awareness and understanding of how to address concerns and delve deeper into what can benefit you.

Her specialty includes blending essential oils to create aromatherapy products for your personal needs. This includes creating personalised face products, specifically face moisturisers.

She has many clients who choose a personalised blend over one that is sold over the shelf.


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