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Sometimes people ask me what are good essential oils to diffuse in winter?

There are many great essential oils which are our friends in winter, that not only smell wonderful but have great anti-microbial properties, which are immune supportive and help boost your body’s defenses.

Some of my favourites are Spice of Life & Clarity essential oil blends.

Spice of Life smells so good in a non medicinal way, with clove leaf, cinnamon bark cardamom, and black pepper to name a few.

Clarity is infused with organic eucalyptus, peppermint & lemon.

Both blends are beneficial with:

🌿respiratory support
🌿congestion in your chest or sinuses
🌿sinus headache
🌿breathing more easily 
🌿calming inflammation 
🌿taking out airborne viruses

Don't forget that you can always have a special blend made just for you, with our custom blending service which we provide in-store, so you can have your very own personal winter blend!

Read more about our custom blending service here.

Beneficial essential oils to diffuse in winter
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