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Cleansing is such an important part of our skin care ritual that sometimes can be overlooked, or rushed. Missing this essential part of your self care regime can make all the difference in the overall health and appearance of your skin.

Daily facial cleansing not only leaves your skin feeling clean and refreshed, but more importantly removes excess oil, make up, sweat, dead skin cells and pollutants that accumulate on your skin throughout the day.

If we don’t cleanse our skin properly it can lead to breakouts, premature ageing, dehydration, lack lustre complexion and blotchiness. I have seen this with my clients who tend to “miss” this part from time to time. It does show up on your skin!

A cleansed skin is more readily able to absorb the goodness from your products such as your serums and moisturisers into the deeper the layers of your skin for maximum effectiveness. This ensures your skin is properly hydrated and prevents premature ageing.

Dehydrated skin looks and feels lack lustre, dull and more wrinkled.

I have often mentioned to clients that in the evening your skin is repairing and restoring, so going to sleep without cleansing deprives your skin of oxygen which is needed to help regenerate and absorb vital nutrients for your skin’s overall health.

  • Choose the right cleanser. Something that is plant based, gentle and that suits your skin type. A cleanser not suited to your skin can lead to issues such as irritation, blotchiness or dehydration.
  • A cleanser must be gentle on the eyes! The cream cleanser pictured above is perfect for the removal of eye make-up and is gentle and non irritating.
  • If you are a make up user, cleanse twice at night. The first cleanse removes sebum, make-up, sunscreen and pollutants that accumulate on your face from the day which act as a barrier. The second cleanse works deeper into your pores and removes any surface impurities that the first cleanser may have left behind.

Discover what cleanser can be good and nurturing for your skin 🌺

A daily face cleanse – an essential part of your face care routine
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