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Lime essential oil is such a bright, energetic refreshing oil.

It’s amazing! A truly beautiful oil to diffuse and inhale.

If you’re feeling run down or under the weather it can also help support your immunity.

I love citrus oils and feel so naturally uplifted & energised when diffusing them.

So safe & gentle for the kids too!

A safety note on lime….
When lime is cold pressed (which is a way of extracting the essential oil from the fruit rind) it becomes what we call “phototoxic”.
Phototoxicity is a reaction to sunlight, which can cause burning, discolouration & blistering of the skin.

You wouldn’t use cold pressed lime in body products which you leave on your body, and which are exposed to the sun (like a body lotion for example).

Lime which has been distilled (using a different extraction process of the oil) is NOT phototoxic, so you can enjoy the aroma of this oil on your skin without concern.

If you love citrus oils, our oriental charm essential oil blend is just beautiful. Invite this bright blend into your home & celebrate the joy it gives. The lime & may chang are just divine together!

It’s such a popular oil blend that we made it into a shower gel. (Click here for more details.) A great invigorating way to start your day!

Uplifting and energising lime essential oil
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