Spiritual Nourishment Workshop 1
Auras, Energy Clearing & Psychometry

DATE: Sunday February 3rd, 1-5pm

• Learn about auras and practice perceiving the colour of auras.
• Learn ways in which you can clear your own energies.
• Learn space clearing techniques which you can use at home.
• Practice using your innate psychic/intuitive sensitivities with psychometry.
• The day also includes a guided meditation.

Spiritual Nourishment Workshop 2
Intuition, Spirit Guides & Energy Healing

DATE: Sunday February 17th, 9:30am-1:30pm

• Learn about intuition and explore ways in which you can tap into it.
• Practice perceiving and sensing energy.
• Learn about energy healing & practice giving an energy healing routine.
• Learn about Spirit Guides and Angels, and how to connect with them.
• The day also includes a guided meditation.

These workshops are an opportunity to explore interesting topics of spiritual development, to help you shape an expanded view of life, and give you tools to help you access a higher state of inner harmony.

Book in for both workshops and get $10 off ($180).

VENUE: Mahdena, 142 Magill Road Norwood 5067

To register, please email: claudio@therapeuticbodywork.com.au

Please make your payment by bank transfer to Claudio Pasquini: BSB: 015 142 ACC: 2131 62812

Download a PDF with details of this event.

Paul and Claudio will be facilitating these workshops together.

About your facilitators:

Paul has a diverse background in holistic health, counselling and energy work.

He was born with the natural gifts of insight, intuition, and the awareness of the spirit world. Paul’s mediumship qualities helps individuals to connect with their loved ones in the spirit world.

His strong assets of sensitivity, compassion, gentleness and groundedness brings a very personal and comforting quality to his work with individual clients and groups.

Paul’s mission in life is in utilising his gifts to help empower others to find harmony, balance and inspiration on their path.

Claudio has been involved with energy healing and bodywork therapies since 2002.

He is a certified massage therapist, and is a qualified practitioner of shiatsu, acupressure, anma, reiki, myofascial release, polarity therapy and reflexology.

Claudio’s focus is to help his clients access a deeply soothing state, and emerge from a session having touched a profound space within themselves.

Claudio has a strong passion for energy healing and bodywork, and uses his compassionate nature to help his clients connect with their own inner healing.

To find out more about Claudio and his unique style of bodywork, visit http://therapeuticbodywork.com.au.